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Do Supervisors Know What They Are Buying?
Toxins on the San Geronimo Golf Course

This is a public letter written by the San Geronimo Valley Stewards Support Team. We have sent a detailed letter with documentation to the Marin Board of Supervisors and the Trust for Public Land on December 21st. We also sent this letter to local newspapers on December 28th. Please forward this to your family, friends and neighbors who live in Marin County.

Do Marin County Supervisors know what they are buying with our tax dollars? Will Marin county pay an inflated price to purchase a golf course with potentially toxic materials? Will Marin taxpayers foot the bill to clean up hazardous waste and to protect Native American artifacts?

In the rush to buy the San Geronimo Golf Course for $8.85 million from Trust for Public Land, neither the County nor TPL have disclosed any physical inspection or research of the property condition. Has Marin County obtained from TPL soil samples, groundwater tests, or geo-technical analysis? Marin County's duty is to protect the public from potential environmental hazards and expenses.

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