Our New Fence Sign

SGV Stewards New Signs 2014

Would you like to receive a SG Valley Stewards fence sign or bumper sticker? We are proud to see hundreds of our Stewards signs all over the Valley, and give a friendly honk when we see a Stewards bumper sticker in Marin. The signs demonstrate solidarity with our neighbors in protecting families and fish.

Our current supply of signs are colored in our new logo. The original blue and gray signs are just fine--keep them posted and we can get more if you ask.

We also have available tasteful blue signs that say " Private Property--No entry without owner's permission." These are weather-proof and measure 12 by 16 inches. Folks have found them useful to control creekside access to their yards and homesites.

Signs are free, but a $20 donation would be appreciated, to cover our costs.