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Download, sign, and please get others to sign!

Petition to the Marin County Board of Supervisors From County of Marin Property Owners/Voters Opposed to the Proposed Stream Conservation Ordinance (SCO) 

We the undersigned, oppose the proposed SCO of May 1, 2013. We support an SCO to be based upon creditable science, and to be Clear, Affordable, Simple, and Enforceable (CASE). Our supporters require the proposed SCO ordinance to provide:

  1. Setback from either an intermittent or perennial streams to be 35 feet, not 100 feet or greater.

  2. No setback is needed from "ephemerals" channels of runoff after it rains for a few days.

  3. Amend the 2007 County Wide Plan (CWP) to authorize items 1 and 2 listed above. It is essential to develop a science based SCO, rather than to rush adoption of an onerous ordinance based on the defective elements in the CWP.

  4. "Grandfather" as Exempt, with no County Stream Permit required, pertaining to all existing buildings, structures and improvement, even if not permitted or legal under other County regulations.

  5. "Grandfather" as Exempt, with no County Stream Permit required, pertaining to all existing second unit residences. These are important residential resources for low cost housing for tenants on fixed incomes and rental incomes for landowners.

  6. No new streams shall be added to the Marin Stream Conservation Area Map after 2013. A property owner can at any time request the County to remove their property from this map, if there are errors with respect to the owner's property being incorrectly added to the Stream Conservation Area Map after 2013.

  7. Allow as Exempt, with no County Stream Permit, Site Assessment, or County fees required for the following:
             A. Existing and future housing to accommodate access for physically disabled and elderly tenants on fixed incomes.
             B. Shelters and enclosures for horses and domestic animals.
             C. Existing and future improvements on the disturbed portions of all developed parcels for:
                      • Vegetation removal, trimming, gardening & landscaping;
                      • Tree removals, subject to County Tree Ordinance;
                      • Expansion of impervious surfaces, up to net 500 square feet;
                      • Water or septic facilities or connections;
                      • Drainage spouts, pipes or swales;
                      • Fences, tool sheds, trash can enclosures, retaining walls, and erosion controls, if located upland
                        from top of stream bank.

  8. Retain all current Exemptions from land use permits for landscaping, irrigation, children play structures, interior remodeling, changes in exterior home appearance, decks, paths, driveways, and repairs or maintenance of existing improvements.

  9. Financially compensate those property owners negatively affected by the SCO for loss of value and to reduce their County property tax assessment accordingly. 

    Download Our Petition & Mail Signed Petitions to
    SGV STEWARDS P.O BOX 276 Lagunitas CA 94938

Ace at Video West in Forest Knolls has kindly offered to accept our completed petitions. He also will have blank petitions for people to sign.

While you are there, be sure and check out their extensive video selection, order a pizza, salad, Kristi Arroyo's scrumptious pies, or their fresh local eggs. They also have ice cream, drinks and sweets.

Our goal for the petitions is to present them to the Board of Supervisor's on June 18th so there is time for you to ask your neighbors to sign. Completed pages are best, but we will accept even one signature, so keep them coming.


San Geronimo Valley Stewards                                                                                 E-mail:
P.O. Box 276 - Lagunitas, CA 94938